Bloxwich Stamping

Bloxwich Stamping is a metal pressing company and manufacturing business inclusive of injection moulding facilities. Based in the heart of Birmingham, UK and like all the Bloxwich Companies we do exactly what the customer asks for, with enthusiasm and integrity.

We are linked to a large network of supplier’s world wide, which means we know how to link our customers to the bigger picture and can take on multi process projects.

Bloxwich Stamping utilise business support networks like BSI, BOY UK Ltd, Sage UK and Solid Solutions (an elite Solidworks reseller). We embrace and use the latest software systems relevant to our business.

Our employees have been trained by Blue Chip Business, manufacturing and quality management. Business process re-engineering is the heart of our training and working knowledge.

We only use quality suppliers for our raw materials and secondary processes, to ensure that customers get the very best, defect free products on time.

At Bloxwich Stamping we have experience in converting standard high volume pressings into laser cut and formed low volume pressings for those markets requiring end of life product support.

Injection moulding is done on the BOY Ltd Procan moulding machines and we also have a HP 3D printer to help with prototyping.

Join the Bloxwich network and enjoy the low cost, low risk and efficient support of people who are here to delight you.

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