Company DNA

Bloxwich Stamping is one of the manufacturing sites of  Bloxwich Group; Historically Bloxwich maintained a metal pressing shop to produce a range of products whilst serving its automotive and white goods customer with trade metal press work.

Bloxwich Stamping is an effective pressing shop supported with SolidWorks Professional CAD, SolidWorks Composer, SolidWorks Visualize software and a HP 3D printer.

We hope we can maintain the historic support of existing customers and grow with new ones.

Bloxwich Stamping was joined by a key supplier Swiftform Engineering in 2013, Swiftform has been one of the many key subcontractors for Bloxwich and now is very much part of our company.

Bloxwich Stamping also has a range of plastic injection moulding machines, which are used for our own product range. We also sell capacity, working as a trade plastic injection moulder.

Bloxwich supports its plastic injection moulding with 30 years of plastic engineering experience in processing and tooling. Our Engineering team have experience in product and tooling design to help new customers with their product issues.

Enjoy UK manufacturing with us.